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AWIL 167 - Kal Lavelle

 Made in Dublin, Sounds Like London, Feels like Universal – gifted singer/songwriter Kal Lavelle on this A World in London! Click: Irish Londoner, Kal Lavelle launches her debut album 'For The Loved And Lost' at St.Giles in the Fields on June 1st. It’s a landmark day for Kal, as well as the Mayor’s brand new music month ‘Sounds Like London’ which will bathe our capital in a sea of wondrous music by homegrown talent throughout June! SLL is championing women and grassroots venues in its inaugural year, and Kal is a passionate spokesperson with personal experience about the challenges facing musicians, particularly compounded by gender inequality. To redress the balance she provides a platform for up & coming artists by running the popular music night called We Love Shows. Although Kal is ‘emerging’ herself, she’s already played with soul/funk legend James Brown who’s autographed her Yamaha guitar, and supported Ed Sheeran on tour. Fair enough, Ed is a mate, but then he’s got lots of those, and decided to pick a friend he knew could match his skills. Kal is the woman who can, with her liquidy voice, perfect pitch, and poignant lyrics, that spotlight the lows of love we can all empathise with. Hands up who hasn’t ever been heartbroken? Hear an exclusive first play of Kal’s CD ‘For the Loved and Lost’ on this AWIL, and catch her while you can before her star rises to the highest heights!  #London #folkmusic #worldmusic #music #radio #Ireland #Dublin #newtalent #SoundsLikeLondon #womeninmusic #KalLavelle #EdSheeran #JamesBrown #livemusic

ARTIST                                  TRACK                    COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Hiten Ryu II    Japan/UK

Geoff Berner  Super Subtle Folk song  Canada

Eugenia Georgieva   Po Drom Mome  Bulgaria/UK

Marcus Corbett          Barometer      UK/India

Kal Lavelle     I Fell in Love With My Friend  Ireland/UK

‘           ‘                       Closer                          ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Shivers                         ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Saddest Song              ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Berlin                          ‘           ‘                                                                  

23/5/18 – AWIL 167  Online: Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, and sketches by Alban Low. This week on SOAS Radio Marcus Corbett. Click:  Next week Focus Africa Music Fest at SOAS and Addictive TV at Resonance. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio