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AWIL 260 - Eugenia Georgieva

 Queen bee of Bulgarian folk music, Eugenia Georgieva on this A World in London! Click here:

London’s premier & most eloquent ambassador for traditional Bulgarian vocal music, Eugenia Georgieva, has just released her magnificent debut solo album, Po Drum Mome! Recorded with a handpicked team of special musicians in her hometown Plovdiv, this unique artist has returned to the recording label where her London story first began back in 2008 when World Music Network subsidiary Riverboat gave us ‘Introducing Perunika Trio', opening fresh doors for Bulgarian music. Global music aficionados were already aware of the polyphonies and harmonies coming out of Bulgaria because of internationally renowned group Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, but Eugenia propelled the genre multiple steps further by collaborating with cool fusion bands like Transglobal Underground, demystifying centuries-old tradition and popularising these enigmatic harmonies. Eugenia’s own voice is pure, powerful and versatile, one that you are sure and secure in because of its strength and authenticity, as Eugenia carries the folk traditions of Bulgaria in her heart. On Po Drum Mome, away from her numerous choral projects, it’s her voice that gets a chance to shine beautifully centre-stage and conjure up a vivid tapestry of lyrical imagery & story-telling steeped in folklore straight from her grandmother’s knee.  ‘’The music changes me, but I change the music as well, it matures within me’’ However, Eugenia’s talents as a gifted performer and inspirational, pioneering choir creator are not lost - the Perunikas, Yantra, and Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir live on, informing and being informed by her solo adventure plus successful career as a stage actress. Catch Eugenia on stage with her full new band at The Ritzy in Brixton on June 17th for the album launch at Princes Amongst Men!

Also on this AWIL new global CDs and a world exclusive extract from Kongo Dia Ntotila’s forthcoming album ‘360°’ introduced by Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, and DJ Ritu.

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Akita                           Japan/UK

Daemonia Nymphe   Krataia Asterope       Greece/UK

Sean Khan, Hermeto Pascoal, Heidi Vogel Moment of Collapse  UK/Brazil

Kongo Dia Ntotila     Feti                  D.R. Congo/UK

The Baghdaddies      Mashup                       UK

Eugenia Georgieva   Deno. Sreburno Vreteno  Bulgaria/UK

‘           ‘                       Po Drom Mome                      ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Zmey Lyubi Moma                 ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Trugnala Rada                      ‘           ‘

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