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AWIL 153 - Night Czar Amy Lamé

 Trailblazing Night Czar, Amy Lamé, puts London back on top of the world, on this A World in London! Click:

In 2016 two bold steps by new Mayor Sadiq Khan propelled London a giant leap forward - the launch of the Night Tube and appointment of a Night Czar. When Amy Lamé came into post, ours was the city that never wanted to sleep but was in danger of becoming a metropolitan dinosaur. Pubs, bars and clubs were rapidly vanishing, nocturnal key workers braved risky journeys home on dreaded night-buses, and London's night economy was unrecognised and undervalued. With a flash of brilliance and her infinite wealth of qualities, Amy was able to view London through fresh eyes pouring with unbridled enthusiasm. As a relative newcomer, she’d adopted London as her home in 1992 and went on to become a club promoter, author, DJ, broadcaster, and grassroots activist. It's rare that we find fellow creatives at the heart of policy-making, or with any heart at all, but now at last, there's someone who is on the same page as the rest of us. Amy cares about the closure of music venues, the safety of women on public transport, and the questionable questions on the 696 form which have restricted many promoters for years, because, these have been her issues too. Amy, like Sadiq, comes from a working–class background and mixed cultural heritage. She empathises with ‘outsiders’, and revels in London’s diversity, seeing it as full of exciting possibility. Her vision involves inclusion, creative partnerships that galvanize people & communities, and she champions the amplification of non-Establishment voices. Whilst the costly mess of Brexit - dreamt up by divisive Bullingdon Club boys - drags on, dragging the UK’s reputation down across the globe, rest assured that our Night Czar is really a day and night STAR, passionately placing London back in its rightful place as the world’s leading capital. Find out more here:

ARTIST                                                 TRACK                COUNTRY

Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers  Hiten Ryu II         Japan/UK

Bahla                                                  Nigun Simcha             UK/Venezuela/Italy/Portugal

TootArd                                              Laissez Passer             Golan Heights

Baloji                                                  Soleil De Volt              D.R. Congo

Nadine Shah                                      Holiday Destination  UK/Pakistan

Joji Hirota                                           Kokiriko                      Japan/UK

‘           ‘                                               Kaen Ranbu               ‘           ‘

Lord Kitchener                       London Is The Place For Me  Trinidad/UK                                                                  

7/2/18 – AWIL 153  Online: Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling,  and sketches by Alban Low. Next week Youth at SOAS Radio, and Nation Records founder & FunDaMental frontman Aki Nawaz at Resonance! #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio  Support the Resonance fm FUNDRAISER!!!