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AWIL 236 - Music!

 A Global music bonanza on this A World in London as Sophie Darling & DJ Ritu check out the best new international CDs! Tracks from ‘Queens of Fado – the New Generation’, ‘Andina’ – retro Peruvian Andes stars, French rockers Indochine, and the new Rough Guide to Acoustic India! Click here:

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Chikyu                        Japan/UK

Ruben Blades             La Flor De La Canela  Panama

Kan Beng                   Unity     UK/Gambia/Libya/Israel

Ajay Srivastav            Between The Cracks  UK/India

CGS                              Quannu Te Visciu       Italy

Tootard                       Laissez Passer             Golan Heights

Los Walker’s De Huanuco  Todos Vuelen     Peru

Jon Hassell                  Ordinary Mind           USA

J-P Piirainen              1+1                                Finland

Gisela Joao                 Bailarico                     Portugal

Indochine                   Black Sky                    France

Debashish Bhattacharya  Ras Tarang        India

London Gypsy Orchestra  Sat                       UK

AWIL Goin’ Global Gigs Guide: Oct 14 Yaaba Funk, Amira Kheir ++ @Africa in the Square, Oct 14 & 15 Azymuth @ Hideaway, Oct 16 Habib Koite @ Nell’s Jazz & Blues, Oct 18 Jean-Paul Samputu @ Tuned In London, Oct 19 Habib Koite @Rich Mix, Oct 21 Feast of Fire @ Milton Keynes 50, Oct 21 Olcay Bayir ++ @ Kings Place, Oct 25 Kuljit Bhamra book launch @ Club Inegales, Oct 28 Kuch Kuch Bollywood Nights @ The Alice EC3A, Oct 28 Martin Alvarado & London Tango Orchestra @ Finnish Church, Nov 2 Errol Linton Band @ Hideaway, Oct 24 – Nov 11 Vamos Cuba! @ Peacock Theatre...more at 

11/10/17  AWIL 236  #AWorldInLondon is podcast on #Itunes & #Mixcloud:   A World In London – in its ELEVENTH year! Live on Wednesdays, 4pm, from SOAS Radio:  and AWIL/CC at Resonance 104.4fm at 6.30pm, repeat Monday 8am, online, DAB  & on Resonance Extra 5pm Wednesdays.  Join us on Twitter @aworldinlondon  This week Adam Blake at Resonance, click:  Next week Pete Lockett @ SOAS and DJ Vix at Resonance.  Twitter:@djritu1  @aworldinlondon