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AWIL 229 - Taj Express

 Bollywood hero, Mikhail Sen from Taj Express on this A World in London! Click here: Bollywood hero, Mikhail Sen from Taj Express - The Musical on this A World in London! Click here:  Bollywood hero, Mikhail Sen from Taj Express - The Musical on this A World in London! Click here: Possibly the most spectacular Bollywood musical - EVER - is in London town right now at The Peacock Theatre, and leading man Mikhail Sen dropped into the SOAS Radio studio to tell us more! Sen is the archetypal filmi hero, handsome & charismatic, but he’s also a thoughtful & dedicated actor that takes his craft seriously and delivers with perfection. In Taj Express, he plays the role of Shankar, a young composer that idolises A.R. Rahman, the legendary 'Mozart of Madras' renowned for soundtracks like Slumdog Millionaire and Lagaan. As Shankar's story unfolds with his quest to become the Beethoven of Bollywood, we encounter a wonderful parody of Indian cinema taking in love, villains, dancefloor hits, colourful costumes & dazzling dance sequences - all the quintessential ingredients for a perfect movie masala on stage! Characters include film producer 'Raj Pakora', actress 'Kareena Kaboom', and superlative live musicians on stage - 'Flash' the rock guitarist, 'Hari-Puttar' on bansuri flute, and 'Animal' on tablas & dhol! Talented sisters Vaibhavi Merchant & Shruti Merchant along with the rest of a superlative cast of stars onstage and off, have created a production which is simply awesome! Taj Express has toured Asia and the USA over the last five years, so hop on board in our capital NOW before July 2nd! Also on this AWIL, new albums by Sabrina Malheiros, and Mary Ann Kennedy!

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Chikyu                        Japan/UK

Perunika Trio             Ta Ne Se Si..                Bulgaria/UK

Sabrina Malheiros      Celebrar                     Brazil 

Mary Ann Kennedy   Seinn, Horo, Seinn      Scotland

Taj Express                  Saraswati Stuti           India

‘           ‘                       Mor Bani                     ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Battle of the Streets  ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Garden of Love          ‘           ‘

AWIL Goin’ Global Gigs Guide: Remnants @ The Print Room W11 till July 1st, Taj Express @ Peacock Theatre till July 2nd, July 2 She’Koyokh @ Summer Streets, July 8 Amaraterra @ Jamboree, July 8 London Gypsy Orchestra @ The Crypt, July 9 Veda Slovena Choir @ Roundhouse...more at 

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