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AWIL 125 - Dashni Morad

 Global music star & environmental activist Dashni Morad on this A World In London! Click:  

Dashni Morad had just opened a new library outside Mosul for refugee children before embarking on a lengthy 48 hour journey to our London Bridge studio all the way from Erbil. Beaming with light and love she spoke of her humanitarian work with Kurdish and Yazidi communities, risking life and limb each time she travels back to her native Iraq. Hearing Dashni describe ghost towns where toys and schoolbooks lay scattered amongst the rubble of flattened buildings, and where the daily routine involves dodging IS fighters and bullets, brought home the true reality of what life is really like in a war zone. We know that Dashni is a tour-de-force as a singer/songwriter, having released successful chart-topping albums and pop videos earning her the title ‘Shakira of Kurdistan’. But what we were unprepared for is her magnitude as a powerful orator and dedicated ambassador of peace. Similar to Angelina Jolie & Emma Watson, but with deeper empathy and forceful authenticity because Dashni has actually lived life as a refugee, on a mountain top exposed to the elements, desperate for safety, shelter, and food. Her bravery and strength is inspirational, and all her many qualities also permeate her music. You won’t hear a truer account of the refugee frontline nor meet a more genuine artist anywhere else. Hear this essential interview with Dashni on A World in London and check out her brand new single, aptly titled, Love Wins!

ARTIST                                              TRACK                COUNTRY

Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers  Hiten Ryu II         Japan

Eliane Correa                                     Rumba Con Flores     Cuba/UK

Oysland                                              Bulgars           UK/Slovakia/Germany/Greece

‘               ‘                                                               Nifty’s Freylekh ‘                                          ‘

Rocqawali                                          Dhamaal                    Denmark/Pakistan

Dashni Morad                                    Azadi                          Iraq/Holland

‘           ‘                                               I Am                            ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                               Love Wins                   ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                               Kurdish National Anthem  ‘ ‘

3/5/17 – AWIL at Res 125  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris & Sophie Darling. Also this week, new global albums at SOAS Radio! Next week the iYatra Quartet @ Resonance & Dunja Botic at SOAS. HAPPY FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY RESONANCE FM!!!!!!!

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