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AWIL 122 - Afrikan Boy

Afrikan Boy is set to drop the Mother of all Albums this summer! Hear excellent extracts from ‘Life in The West’ exclusively on THIS A World In London! Click:  Afrikan Boy released his debut ‘ABCD’ IN 2014, so there’s three whole years of life, love, and lyrical inspiration poured into his new album, taking him beyond his origins as a key figure in London’s vibrant Grime scene and reaching back into his African roots. Life In the West also features Senegalese kora maestro Diabel Cissokho, and sonic sculptor Afrikan Eskimo who’s a perfect match for AB’s profound lyrical sculptures. Robbie on electric guitar adds an unconventional bite to their sound, but then AB is anything but conventional, forging his own unique and dynamic path through rap & riddim. Afrikan Boy speaks up for urban South London, refugee communities, and global issues, eloquently and charismatically voicing it all with sheer brilliance!. See Afrikan Boy at the Southbank Centre on June 10th in MIA’s Meltdown Festival 2017!

 ARTIST                                TRACK                                                COUNTRY

Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers  Chikyu      Japan

Raka               Lenorije Chaje                       UK/Slovakia/Turkey

Chico Chica    Falling Falling                                   UK

Afrikan Boy  God Iz A Nigerian                             UK/Nigeria

‘           ‘           Life In the West                                ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           One Day I Went To Lidl                   ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           Mr Kunta Kinte                                             ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           Spell It With a ‘K’                              ‘           ‘

12/4/17 – AWIL at Res 122  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris & Layla Gatens. Also this week, Chico Chica at SOAS Radio! Next week Oysland @ Resonance & global music at SOAS.

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