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AWIL/CC 9 - Bebel Gilberto

 When Bebel Gilberto arrived in London on Thursday I was a little nervous before our interview. What do you ask a multi-million album selling star? One that comes from Brazilian musical royalty (daughter of bossa nova pioneer Joao Gilberto and legendary singer Miucha, niece of Chico Buarque), has adoring fans all over the globe, and who hangs out with Simon Le Bon, Nina Miranda, David Byrne, and Grace Jones? Find out on this A World In London at Resonance 104.4 today 6.30pm! 

What you will hear is a supreme artist that has just released her excellent new CD, Tudo, on Sony Music. Who composes her own songs but also eloquently covers gems by Neil Young and Seu George? Who counts amongst her producers greats like Mark Ronson and Mario Caldato Jr?
When we spoke, Bebel had just arrived from Rio after a 12hr flight. Nursing a streaming cold & sore throat, she’d trekked across London in Heathrow traffic, then found herself bundled into a tiny radio booth where there wasn't room to swing a kitten. Locked in there for an hour, Bebel gave every last ounce of energy to our interview, considered each question carefully, and answered throughout with sincerity. This is an artist that revels in her travels & tours, and savours her international ‘family’ allowing each global experience to inform and propel her work. Worldwide star and consummate pro that she is, Bebel’s warmth & humanity shone through on A World In London. As it does in her music, via her silky voice, that feels like your best friend.

8/10/14 – AWIL 9 - A World In London live on Wednesdays with Cultural Co-operation 6.30pm at Resonance 104.4
Catch the show again Tuesday Oct 14th at 10am on Online:

Bebel Gilberto Somewhere Else Brazil/USA
‘ ‘ Harvest Moon ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ Tout Est Bleu ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ Saudade Vem Correndo ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ Areia ‘ ‘
‘ ‘ Tudo ‘ ‘