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AWIL 107 - Bernhard Schimpelsberger

 Percussion with passion & precision by Bernhard Schimpelsberger on this A World In London! Click:

What can you say about a man that allows you to read his diary? Bernhard Schimpelsberger allows you to do precisely that, with a series of musical journals made from the past, present, and ongoing pointing into the future, as he unveils his new album, ‘The Rhythm Diaries’. The first instalment, out on CD and YouTube videos, was made in fifteen different cities across Europe, with local musos. It’s a rare peep into a brilliant mind whose cog wheels are constantly creating, turning beats through time and space into hypnotic soundscapes and multi-textured compositions. Bernhard’s love affair with drums began in Linz, Austria on his mother’s knee, and quickly grew to encompass the world at large leading him eventually to India, Africa, and finally London where he’s now based and able to find  musical comrades in all different international shapes and sizes. Cuba is in his sights next. Bernhard shares the same esteemed Indian tabla guru as Trilok Gurtu, and has worked extensively with young sarod maestro Soumik Datta. That’s who’ll be on stage with him next, and you can see them in their Circle of Sound reunion on Dec 14th at Rich Mix!

  ARTIST                        TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV           Egypt/UK

London Lucumi Choir  Ogguere                   UK/Cuba +

Lambrego                   Siren Sister                    Brazil/UK

Bernhard Schimpelsberger   Teardrop       UK/Austria

‘                       ‘                       Departure                  ‘           ‘

‘                       ‘                       Smells Like Teen Spirit  ‘      ‘

‘                       ‘                       Unreasonable World ‘           ‘

‘                       ‘                       Konnakol Improvisation   ‘   ‘

‘                       ‘                       Mysterious Mind         ‘          ‘


7/12/16 – AWIL at Res 107  Online:

Next week Kadialy Kouyate on Dec 14th and ARC Music’ s 40th birthday Xmas party on Dec 21st.

AWIL LIVE @Southbank Centre Dec 9 with Lambrego & London Lucumi Choir – FREE!

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