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AWIL/CC 87 - Branco Stoysin

 Behind the Clouds There’s The Sun, with Branco Stoysin on A World In London 87!

London-based composer/musician Branco Stoysin first picked up a guitar as a young teenager in his Sun-baked home town of Novi Sad, Serbia. His early influences were US rock groups and local Slavic folk music, and he went on to compose, draw, and write becoming an all-round renaissance man. As a self-taught guitarist uncluttered by tuition or convention, his compositions flow with natural inspiration & creativity, birdsong & Sunbeams, rivers & valleys, and the chorus of tears & laughter. These are painted on a superb series of CDs, produced in an equally organic way, steering clear of digital overload and remaining faithful to perfect musicianship recorded with the analogue warmth  of reel-to-reel tape. Hence, Branco’s albums are filled with spellbinding and breathtaking beauty, crafted by a visionary artist that acknowledges and celebrates the natural but electric world around us which we often take for granted. Electricity is another thing we perhaps take for granted and in Branco’s latest book he pays tribute to its inventor born 160 years ago, fellow Serbian Nikola Tesla. In the current climate of uncertainty and division in the United Kingdom  we could do well to learn the lessons of history and when I ask Branco why he left his idyllic home in what is now referred to as ‘Former Yugoslavia’, he has some stark answers. His was a country where neighbours lived peacefully side-by-side for decades until the 90s when they became enemies and ripped their own nation apart. In his music you can hear the range of emotions that emerged through that experience, yet always the Sun too. Because as Branco says, ‘behind the cloud there is always the Sun. You just have to look for it’.

Click here to listen to Branco on AWIL/CC 87:

 Branco will be launching his new music book with a solo-guitar concert titled "From Serbia With Love" (not a part of James Bond series :>), at prestigious Dillington Classical Guitar Festival, in beautiful Somerset, on the 4th of August, joined by the festival director Peter Rueffer on two tunes at the end, and the following day will also perform  "So Lovely" tune, written for 8 guitars, with an entire classical guitar orchestra. Click:   Check out his website for all his albums and more info:


  ARTIST                                  TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV               Egypt/UK

Lambrego                   Chiero De Saudade    UK/Brasil

Diabel Cissokho          Korafo                          Senegal

Branco Stoysin            Disquietude                UK/Serbia

‘           ‘                       Exodus                        ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Aurora Tesla               ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Heart Is The Bridge   ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       So Lovely                     ‘           ‘


29/6/16 – AWIL/CC 87  Online:

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