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AWIL 103R - Tell Tale Tusk

Feisty female folksters Tell Tale Tusk on this A World In London! Click:

On a day which began with presidential election results & apocalyptic rain it seemed like nothing could shift the sombre mood in London. People on the tube huffed & sighed over their free newspapers, SOAS Radio team were tearful, and even Bloomsbury’s Pret A Manger was deserted as Londoners struggled to avoid anything resembling a baloney sandwich. By the time AWIL reached Resonance FM for our second show the silence was deafening. Our guests Tell Tale Tusk arrived in the studio. They didn’t look like typical folkies – not a beard or wrinkle between them. They casually mentioned that three of the group had no musical experience prior to 2012. Unsurprisingly the conversation off-air quickly turned Stateside in un-glowing terms. Everything at this stage was still looking bleak, and as we went on-air, it was as though Farage’s best friend had heard us, beaming some technical glitches our way: Feedback, a skipping CD, and an errant guitar that kept falling over.. Tell Tale Tusk took all of this in their stride and swept away the doom & gloom. With their feminista acumen they swallow misogyny & bigotry whole and satirise it with sharp wit and lyrical defiance, shoving it straight back to the Rump where it belongs. As for their musical ability, their voices together are stunning, blended into sweet Barbershop quartet harmonies. There are guitars, violin, a folk drum that sounds like a bodhran, and two of the ‘novices’ have taken clarinet lessons with Don Kipper’s Dan Gouly. When the quartet expands – which it does for dance festivals – a double bass and other assortments are added. On a day packed with hopelessness Tell Tale Tusk packed away our Trump blues replacing them with fun-fuelled folk, hand crafted in ivory. See them on stage at Most-Arts Centre in Stoke Newington on November 18th  and at Magic Garden Battersea on the 19th!

  ARTIST                        TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV           Egypt/UK

Ranagri                      The Wrong Direction   UK/Ireland

Bafula                         Commitment              Gambia/UK

Tell Tale Tusk GM Parade                 UK/Cyprus

‘           ‘                       Cuckoo’s Nest             ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Ruby                           ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Miss Madley                ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Dump The Bosses       ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       January Man              ‘           ‘



9/11/16 – AWIL at Res 103  Online:

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