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AWIL 224 - Srdjan Beronja

 Drum disciple Srjdan Beronja on this A World in London! Click here:

Ethnomusicologist, composer, and percussion maestro Srdjan Beronja released his superb second album Sounds of The East via ARC Music in February. Its fluidity is reflected in the eloquence of its creator and the album tracks are not simply ‘performances’, but instead crafted by an artist that worships ‘sound’. Srdjan is permanently listening, noticing, and translating sounds in all their beauty to our senses. He revels in tablas & taals, dafs & darbukas, ragas & maqams, as well as birdsong and cowbells, collecting field recordings and equally talented collaborators for intimate duets along a path stretching from Serbia to India, and into the Middle East. Where Srdjan grew up, in Novi Sad, eastern drums called out to him from cassette tapes but there were none to be found locally, and this took him on a pilgrimage to Varanasi, eventually culminating in the creation of his book The Art of Indian Tabla. Since then his travels have been intense and global as he seeks out new rhythmic pastures, though we caught him during his first trip to the UK. It was an honour to welcome Srdjan to A World in London, and also to find that our show was an essential stop in his City tour along with Big Ben and London Bridge! Find out more on this AWIL and at!

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Chikyu                        Japan/UK

Svang                          Tango De La Abuelita  Finland

Meklit                         I Want To Sing...        USA/Ethiopia

iyatra Quartet           Talenga                      UK

Juanes                         Es Tarde                      Colombia

Dream Stars               Pop Makossa Invasion  Cameroon

London Lucumi Choir  Yeyeo Aremi             UK/Cuba

Srdjan Beronja           SSS Arabesque            Serbia

‘           ‘                       Alapana                     ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Raag Jog Dhun          ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Raga Kirvani             ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           Maqam Bayati Oud Taqsim  ‘          ‘

‘           ‘           Raga Sitar-Daf Bhairavi       ‘           ‘                              

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