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AWIL/CC 96 - The Fluid Piano

 Geoff Smith updates A World In London about this century’s most exciting musical innovation – The Fluid Piano!! Click:  The study of musical instruments, would you believe, is known as ‘organology’ and there have been at least five new ones created since 2000. However, most of them are digital hybrids leaving acoustic instruments largely untouched. Composer & dulcimer virtuoso Geoff Smith has changed all that, taking on the mammoth task of redefining the boundaries of the grandest instrument of them all – the piano. Inspired by cross-cultural collaborations with a ballet company in Japan in 2001 as well as various film score projects using prototype dulcimers, Geoff gained a practical insight into the limitations of the western acoustic piano: an instrument that is restricted to one cultural tuning, where microtones cannot be used and a musician is unable to bend and slide notes or participate in the nuances and finer print found in Eastern classical traditions - in fact, any and all non-western classical traditions with their thousands of indigenous cultural tunings. ‘The design of instruments is political: it is acoustic instruments that embody cultural identities the most and the power relationships that exist between them and within them', and so Geoff embarked on what was to become a decade of love, dedication and utter faith to transform the acoustic piano into a new fluid instrument whereby microtones can be accessed by using 'Fluid Tuning' to create bespoke tunings as chosen by each musician for each composition and performance. Through his tenacity and diligence we now have the Fluid Piano, the first multicultural piano, which boasts an international queue of outstanding musicians desperate to get their hands on it. Hear more about the Fluid Piano on this AWIL, see Youtube videos of gifted young Indian pianist Utsav Lal exploring its full potential, and check out the first CD and download of recordings available now via  Geoff Smith, btw, is also your man for the best Pesto Trapanese sauce recipe this side of Sicily!


  ARTIST                        TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV               Egypt/UK

Utsav Lal                    Raghupathi Raghav    India

‘           ‘                       Raga Bageshri           ‘           ‘

Geoff Smith                Mina                            Japan/India/China/UK

‘           ‘                       Ferocious Tenderness ‘                       ‘

Utsav Lal                    Raga Todi                   ‘                       ‘

Justin Thurgur            Straight Down To My Soul     UK



28/9/16 – AWIL/CC 96  Online:  Next week London Gypsy Orchstra at Res and new global music at SOAS!

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