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AWIL 228 - Eugenia Georgieva

 Ubiquitous ULTRA-talent Eugenia Georgieva on this A World in London! Click here:  Bulgarian Londoner, Eugenia Georgieva, is the phenomenal woman that instigated & directs magnificent vocal outfits like the Perunika Trio, Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir, and Indian/medieval trio Yantra. As if this wasn’t enough, she’s also a leading light in numerous theatre productions, the latest of which is on at The Print Room in Notting Hill till July 1st. This new play is called Remnants and it features the voices of four unspeaking but keening actress/singers that tell the story of the 90’s massacre in Srebrenica and the horror of Europe’s most recent war, which left former Yugoslavia in shreds. Catch Eugenia on this AWIL, in Remnants, and also, in better times, at The Roundhouse Camden on July 9th with the Veda Slovena Choir.

AWIL sends YOU a huge thanks for pushing this show to the top of Mixcloud’s World Music Programme chart! #WorldMusicDay2017

ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Chikyu                        Japan/UK

Nomade Orqestra      Terra Fertil                 Brazil

Jupiter & Okwess       Ofakombolo               DR Congo

Rahim Alhaj               Riyadh                          Iraq/USA

Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas  Rhythms of the Heavens  Australia/USA

Eugenia Georgieva & Merlin Shepherd  Duma Sa Duma  Bulgaria/UK

Perunika Trio             Rano Mi E More         ‘                       ‘

‘           ‘ + Yantra       Gel Yano                     ‘                       ‘

AWIL Goin’ Global Gigs Guide: Remnants @ The Print Room W11 till July 1st, June 25 Kihaya Blues @ Hootenanny, June 26 Plastikes Karakles @ Green Note, July 2 She’Koyokh @ Summer Streets, July 8 Amaraterra @ Jamboree, July 8 London Gypsy Orchestra @ The Crypt, July 9 Veda Slovena Choir @ Roundhouse...more at 

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