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 You’ve heard of one-man-bands but meet Niraj Chag! Composer, producer, musician and more! Click here to listen!

Niraj mixes and masters his own albums, shoots & edits the videos, manages his own publishing & PR, and releases everything on his label Buzz-erk. This gifted music-maker sent in a cassette tape to Outcaste Records back in 1997, just as I was leaving the label, and my one regret at that time was not to be working with him. Fortunately, our paths crossed many times thereafter as my Sister India band members chose him to produce their solo projects. I then interviewed Niraj at BBC 3CR & BBC London after his stunning 2006 CD debut ‘Along The Dusty Road’. A long and successful road was travelled over the next 10 years with TV, theatre & film commissions, the ‘Lost Souls’ CD,..and this week Niraj returned to A World In London armed with his new album ‘Mud Doll’ which comes out on June 22nd. Verdict? It's a work of art, a labour of love well spent, a timeless piece of genius, crafted immaculately, with sensitive melodies, exquisite vocals from Japjit Kaur​, Priti Menon​, Nawazish Ali Khan, Melissa Baten,.. and.. perfect production. 
17/6/15 – AWIL/CC 43  Online:  and repeat on Resonance 104.4fm Tues June 23rd at 10am.
Next Wednesday on #AWorldinLondon: at Resonance FM  6.30pm & at SOAS Radio 4pm. Plus Heritage at #AWorldinLondon on Tuesday 4pm! 
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MARTIN ALVARADO​ Campo Afuera Argentina/Finland
Niraj Chag​ Rang Diya UK/India
It’s Life
Mud Doll
Beh Challe
Kali Ghata
Badal Baras