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AWIL 48 - Raga Garage & Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

 A double whammy of Super Groups on this AWIL – Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars & Jyotsna Srikanth with Raga Garage! Listen here: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars are in London town to record for a Red Cross album, the ‘Long Road’ – a brilliant concept CD produced by Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon) to convey the experiences of asylum seekers through music. It was wonderful to welcome back the SRLAs to A World In London! Their 2010 interview with me at BBC London had a profound impact on the content and priorities of A World In London, redefining it as a programme about life stories told through music. Last week as we reunited in the Resonance studio, Jahson G. Bull, Joseph E. Paye & Reuben M. Koroma were in exuberant form, singing along to their CD ‘Libation’ and recalling their delicious meal of cassava leaves in Peckham the night before! They know only too well the value of life and to enjoy and savour every precious moment of freedom, having spent years away from their homes in a wretched refugee camp from 1997 after Sierra Leone succumbed to civil war. Music was their salvation  and the refugee camp was where the SRLAS formed as a group, taking on younger & orphaned members like Jeffrey Black Nature who is now prominent in the USA hip-hop scene.

Also returning to this AWIL, was violin supremo Jyotsna Srikanth alongside her fabulous new project, Raga Garage. Jyotsna has many musical incarnations due to her versatility and boundless energy, and with Raga Garage she shares her stage with fellow virtuosos - long term & trusted peers Shadrach Solomon on keyboards & percussionist N.S. Manjunath, both hailing from her Carnatic homeland of Bangalore. Robert Atchison is the newbie, an esteemed violinist whom Jyotsna spotted in the music pit whilst taking her kids to see the Lion King musical. As the story goes, she said to him 'I like your solo. Here is my card. Call me' before vanishing off into the night. He did call, and many masala chai cups later Raga Garage became their love child. Some might say that Robert has been a dubious influence on Jyotsna as this is the first time I have ever seen her use sheet music.. Decide for yourself when you witness their east west classical music marriage, this Tuesday July 21 at the Purcell Room! Put their hotly anticipated debut album on your wish list!

15/7/15 – AWIL/CC 48  Online:  and repeat on Resonance 104.4fm Tues July 21st at 10am.


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 ARTIST                                                TRACK            COUNTRY

Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars                Chaimra               Sierra Leone

‘               ‘                                                               Min Do Sin Tay  ‘               ‘

‘               ‘                                                               Rich But Poor     ‘               ‘

‘               ‘                                                               It’s So Sorry        ‘               ‘

Raga Garage                                                       Mystic Thoughts   India/UK

‘               ‘                                                               Masala Chai             ‘          ‘

‘               ‘                                                               Thillana                      ‘          ‘

‘               ‘                                                               JJMD