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 On the hottest day we had the hottest locals back at A World In London! Yaaba Funk scorched us with a sizzling session based on their latest Sterns release, 'My Vote Dey Count'! Listen here:  With much of  Yaaba Funk's 10 piece line up squeezed into the AWIL studio, their exuberant concoction of Hi-Life, Afro funk & jazz with urban London twists were sweated out, overriding a few technical hitches, and featuring feisty vocal sparring from Chief Commander Yaaba & Helen McDonald. 

1/7/15 – AWIL/CC 46  Online:  and repeat on Resonance 104.4fm Tues July 7th at 10am.


Next Wednesday on #AWorldinLondon:  Don Kipper at Resonance FM  6.30pm & Marcos Valle/Stacey Kent + Martha D Lewis special interviews podcast at SOAS/ITunes. Plus Heritage at #AWorldinLondon on Tuesday 4pm! Find us at Twitter! @aworldinlondon


A World In London live on Wednesdays with Cultural Co-operation at 6.30pm from Resonance 104.4  and new series Heritage at #AWorldinLondon Tuesdays  

Also #AWorldinLondon at SOAS Radio 4pm Wednesdays  Twitter:@djritu1  @aworldinlondon 


 ARTIST                       TRACK                        COUNTRY

Maria Camahort Quintet  Song and Dance - 7      Spain/UK

Niraj Chag                           Sab Qurban                        UK/India

Yaaba Funk                         Tekyerema Da Ma Num   UK/Ghana

‘               ‘                               Political War                       ‘               ‘

‘               ‘                               Poor Man’s Tale               ‘               ‘

‘               ‘                               Gyae Me Na Mendwen  ‘             ‘