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AWIL/CC 72 - Stepan Pasiczynk


Multi-talented Stepan Pasicznyk returned to A World In London with Ukrainian heart & soul! Click here:  Sporting his accordion and guitar plus a whole heap of new songs, Stepan Pasiczynk thrilled us with his wonderful voice & compositions. Between tracks our conversation flowed, taking in the significance of International Women’s Day in Ukraine, to traditional recipes for borsht and perohy (dumplings)! Generations of the Pasiczynk family – a bit like a Luton version of the Von Trapps – have played an Irish reel or sung a profound Ukrainian song, including the youngest members which include Stepan’s equally gifted teen daughters. Envisage their piano-side gatherings right here on A World In london, and you’ll be tempted to join in with their music-making, even if it might mean relocating to Luton! Closer to London on Sept 4th is the unique Spirit of Ukraine Festival at Enfield’s Forty Hall!  Find out more at:


  ARTIST                                  TRACK                                                                                     COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV                                                    Egypt/UK

Manorfield Primary Sch        Pieski Male Dwa                                   UK

Vocal Global               Improvisation From Venus Star  UK/Martinique/Israel

El Naan                      Corazon de Barro      Spain

Stepan Pasicznyk       Ridna Maty Moya /Dearest Mother of Mine  UK/Ukraine

‘           ‘                       Chaban (Sheepherders song)                           ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                       Halychanochka (Galician Girl)                        ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                       Kachky letyat (The Ducks are Flying)             ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                       Carpatho-Ukrainian / Irish Medley                 ‘       ‘

‘           ‘                       Hopak                                                                 ‘       ‘

Natalka and Chrystyna Pasicznyk              Dictatorship                   ‘       ‘



9/3/16 – AWIL/CC 72  Online:  and on #Mixcloud,  #ResonanceExtra, and DAB !! Repeat 8am Monday on Resonance FM. Repeat 5pm Weds on Resonance Extra. Next week, Luca Luciano!

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