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AWIL/CC 81 - Brickwork Lizards

 Eclectic musical wizardry by Oxford’s Brickwork Lizards on this A World In London! Click here:  Eight-piece band, the Brickwork Lizards, are a motley crew of mixed heritages which beam through their borderless song sheet. Scots, Egyptian, and Irish roots all find their way into a repertoire which encompasses Rai, rap, Jazz, and Ottoman classics, spearheaded by the sweetest vocals from Maqam’s Tarik Beshir and an MC called Tom O’Hawk (yes, really)! The sense of excitement in their performance is enhanced by the way the band deftly weaves through Arabic & western scales, swift tempo changes & key transpositions. It could all go badly wrong at any moment in the hands of lesser musicians but instead goes swimmingly well, spiralling dangerously back into control. Even whilst deciding on their playlist for the show a minute before take-off, the Lizards proved to be living on a knife’s edge and could easily rival any of Oxford’s prime debating societies. And it’s exactly there in their home city amongst the gleaming spires, near the River Cherwell that the Brickwork Lizards will test the waters with their follow-up album to ‘Zaman’ on June 30th at The Bullingdon. Grab an exclusive taster now on this AWIL!

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  ARTIST                        TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV                         Egypt/UK

3 Argentinas               Amor Ausente                        Argentina/UK

Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas + Eduardo Martin  Sones Y Flores      Cuba

Brickwork Lizards      Zaman                                    UK/Egypt/Ireland/Scotland

‘           ‘                       Zeybek & Mandira on Hijaz    ‘                   ‘

‘           ‘                       Yah Rayeh                             ‘                       ‘

‘           ‘                       Toro Mata                               ‘                       ‘

‘           ‘                       Fortune My Foe                      ‘                       ‘



18/5/16 – AWIL/CC 81  Online: 

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