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AWIL/CC 73 - Luca Luciano

 Neapolitan clarinet virtuoso, Luca Luciano, premiered his new album, ‘Poeta’, exclusively on this A World In London! Click here:  It’s been over a decade since Luca Luciano set sail from his native city of Naples and headed for the bright lights & cultural hubbub of London. This ‘sprawling metropolis’ has provided a liberating sanctuary for Luca to improvise beyond classical music constraints, explore the full potential of his instrument, and compose his celebrated previous CD, ‘Neapolis’. London’s St. Martin’s In The Fields is  Luca’s favourite venue and that’s where this year's tour will conclude next February.  Before then you can catch his concerts in Cambridge, Oxford, London’s South Bank Centre - April 22nd, Reading University - June 1st, Sheffield Cathedral, The American Cathedral in Paris, and dates in Italy & South America! More info + a full preview of the new album ‘Poeta’ (with a special offer for Luca's fans) on WWW.LUCALUCIANO.COM


  ARTIST                     TRACK                                COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy           Sabla Tolo IV                        Egypt/UK

Natalka & Chrystyna Pasicznyk   Dictatorship    UK/Ukraine

Vocal Global               Kizomba                     UK/Martinique/Israel

Luca Luciano             Homage To Puccini                  Italy/UK

‘           ‘                       Divertimento No.13 For Clarinet       ‘        ‘

‘           ‘                       Fragment No.6                                   ‘        ‘

‘           ‘                       Divertimento No.11 For Clarinet Trio    ‘   ‘

‘           ‘                       Mosquito                                      ‘     ‘

‘           ‘                       Neapolis                                       ‘     ‘


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