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  A cappella trio YANTRA returned to this A World In London with their heavenly blend of voices from Bulgaria, India, and the UK. Click here to listen –   YANTRA’s Eugenia Georgieva, Jeremy Birchall, and Vamshikrishna Vishnudas are absolutely buzzing after their 16 date tour in Japan alongside the Perunika Trio! Amongst tales about bento boxes, bullet trains, and bowing, they explained the techniques required to merge precise, pre-planned Bulgarian harmonies with the improvisational fluidity of YANTRA’s Indian aspect, gathering rapturous respect along the way from Tokyo to Kyoto. YANTRA’s exquisite debut CD, A Journey Through Timelessness,  promises to be  superseded by their next album journey, following the formulation of new musical ideas which can only flourish in hotels, trains and planes.

2015 has been another splendid year for London’s queen of choirs - Eugenia Georgieva, and one of those has just opened its doors to new members. Join up for the Veda Slovena Bulgarian Choir now! Contact  and peruse the website:

ARTIST                                                  TRACK                                        COUNTRY

IYatra Quartet          Song of the Berimbau                       UK

YANTRA                      Anon                                       Bulgaria/India/UK

‘           ‘                       Gel Yano                                 ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Going South                           ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       The Praise                              ‘           ‘



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