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AWIL/CC 84 - Kourelou

 Beyond the bouzouki with Kourelou on this A World in London! Their name means patchwork in Greek and by stitching together a multi-coloured sonic quilt of luxurious musical fabrics from the Black Sea through Greece and into the Balkans, they’ll launch ‘Patchwork’, their debut album next week. Kourelou’s  team of master craftsmen was formed right here in London using the finest musical threads of our city to embroider their rich tableaux of sounds. On this occasion we had four core members of the group at AWIL: guitarist & founder Pavlos Melas who’s just published an autobiography about rebetiko great Márkos Vamvakáris, Costas Kopanaris on cajon (I’ll explain more later), Nikos Kyrios on violin who is in an absolute league of his own, and then, a guy called.. er.. Al MacSween on piano. Spot the difference? Yes, Al is from Manchester not Mykonos, but has studied Maqams with Palestinian singer & recent AWIL guest Reem Kelani plus spent many of his toddler years playing in the puddles at Womad. Kourelou, made in Greece, Albania, or Manchester, but honed in London, is expandable into a fuller collective at any given time, and on June 14th they’ll also welcome clarinet virtuoso Manos Achalinotopoulos into their fold.  But even with just four acoustic instruments in our studio, Kourelou produced such a massive foot-stomping frenzy that I got carried away and said something rather embarrassing about something between someone's legs. From A World In London Live at Rich Mix last year we know that Kourelou will have everyone on their feet so if you go to see them at The Forge on June 14 be sure to take your dancing shoes, but don’t mention the cajon! Click here:

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  ARTIST                                  TRACK                             COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy                     Sabla Tolo IV               Egypt/UK

42 Strings                                Midu Shange              China/USA/UK

Derek Gripper                       Maimouna                  South Africa

Kourelou                                 Opa Cupa                   Greece/Albania/UK

‘           ‘                                   Miserlou                      ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                   Tsamiko                      ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                   Tasha                          ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Improv with Manos Achalinotopoulo  ‘        ‘


8/6/16 – AWIL/CC 84  Online:

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