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AWIL/CC 79 3 Argentinas

 The most wonderful tango-esque trio in our capital - 3 Argentinas - are live on this A World In London! Click here:

Over ten years, the paths of Adelaida Monguillot, Eloisa Di Giacomo, and Milena Ariola have crossed numerous times from Córdoba to Borough High Street but serendipity and a shared passion for music finally drew them together as a trio in 2011. The three fit together like pieces of a musical jigsaw puzzle, with each member playing their essential, skilful part. Ade pens the poetic libretto, classical pianist Eloisa leads on composition, and Milena’s sultry voice reveals a multitude of influences drawn from her rock chick era & latex-clad punk past. Collectively, the 3Argentinas also share bundles of genuine warmth and this blisters through into their heart-melting songs concocted from tango, jazz, pop and rock. A follow-up to their gorgeous 2013 debut album, La Estrella, is being the road tested in front of audiences now. Hear an exclusive preview of it right here on this AWIL!   


  ARTIST                        TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV                         Egypt/UK

The London Lucumi Choir     Lacho/Yemaya           UK ++

Calais Refugee Music Recs/Best Foot Music  Anon artist

3 Argentinas               Alguna Vez                            Argentina/UK

‘           ‘                       Querete Como Yo Te Quiero    ‘        ‘

‘           ‘                       Loving Touch                          ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       London Town                         ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Love Is Like Tango                 ‘           ‘



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