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AWIL 51 - Fluid Piano

 Three central characters play a leading role in an unconventional musical marriage. Gifted pianist Utsav Lal, visionary inventor/composer Geoff Smith, and, his ground breaking new  instrument, the fluid piano.

Hear them in this special edition of A World In London!

Staunchly defying detractors and disbelievers in the ten years since Smith first conceived the idea of a fluid dulcimer, Arts Council funding has finally crystallised his dream into an exciting reality - the fluid piano! On this unique ivory board each note can be manipulated, oscillated, and tweaked between microtones, offering the opportunity to bend notes and echo ornamentation previously only possible through human voice and string instruments. Various musicians queued up to play the one and only fluid piano after its unveiling in 2010,  including young piano master Utsav Lal. Travelling from India to Brighton in a desperate bid to find Smith, Lal had already pioneered new avenues for the conventional piano within Hindustani music. It was clear to both Smith and Lal that the fluid piano would be a perfect match for the improvisational nature of Indian classical music tradition. Five years on after that first encounter by the seaside, it is Lal that will take on the grand task of revealing the full extent of the fluid piano’s capabilities on an album being recorded now! Find out more at and


ARTIST          TRACK                      COUNTRY

Utsav Lal         Raga Bihag                  India

‘           ‘           Raga Todi                    ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           Raghupathi Ragav        ‘           ‘

‘           ‘           Raga Todi                    ‘           ‘

16/9/15 – AWIL/CC 51  Online:

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