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AWIL/CC 60 Saba Anglana & Valkania

 Brimming with exceptional global artists, this A World In London features Somali songstress Saba Anglana and Balkan rockers Valkania, all LIVE in the studio! Click here to listen –   Wednesday was a momentous day with Parliament voting for airstrikes in Syria... Fortunately guitar duo, De Fuego, our guests at AWIL on SOAS Radio, made the world seem a little brighter and this was followed by Valkania & Saba Anglana live at Resonance FM. Saba was born in Mogadishu, lives in Italy, and has forged a successful career as an actress & singer/songwriter. Her amazing songs sung in Amharic are penned from the heart, and the belly. Her expressive voice moved us beyond belief on A World In London. Rich Mix was where she performed on Thursday rounding off her European tour and The Royal Festival Hall is where YOU can see Valkania on Friday December 18th. Viktor Mastoridis and Valkania returned to AWIL with their infectious Balkan melodies and sneak previews of their new album planned for 2016!

Stay updated with Valkania and Saba here!:

ARTIST                                      TRACK                                    COUNTRY

De Fuego                    Blue Balloons             Hungary/Spain/UK

YANTRA                      The Praise                 Bulgaria/India/UK

Saba Anglana            Tariken                       Somalia/Italy

‘           ‘                       Abebech                     ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Gabriel                                   ‘           ‘

Valkania                    Drop By Drop             Greece/Macedonia/UK ++

‘           ‘                       Tarantella Gitana     ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Without You               ‘           ‘


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