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AWIL/CC 85 - Diabel Cissokho

 Diabel Cissokho is back in LondonTown preparing to launch his superb new album ‘Tambacounda Express’ at Rich Mix on June 29th!

Although he travels frequently between Dakar, Morocco, and Switzerland, London is his second home, 'music is to share' and that's precisely what he's dedicated to doing. 

Through our exclusive preview of his CD on this AWIL we hear about Tambacounda itself, Diabel’s birthplace, which is situated on the cusp of Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, and Gambia. At this busy transport & cultural hub, Diabel used to play by the railway tracks during breaks from his musical & ceremonial duties as a young griot. In the past griot families were not always held in high regard and were often dismissed as low-class wandering minstrels. That's all changed now and within his ultra-skilled family Diabel was chosen as his father’s korist protégé - a big responsibility and huge honour - one that he takes seriously. Diabel is refreshingly honest and this translates into his compositions and warming voice of purity. He writes about REAL life and is most inspired by the new experiences that travel brings to him. Other people learn about music and study it. In Diabel’s case it's ingrained and intrinsic, as if, the music actually learns from him. Book your ticket now for Rich Mix on June 29th and get onboard the Tambacounda Express!! Click here:

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  ARTIST                                  TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy                     Sabla Tolo IV               Egypt/UK

Derek Gripper                       Lampedusa                South Africa

Kourelou                                 Impro              Greece/Albania/UK

Dhafer Youssef                       Khira                           Tunisia

Diabel Cissokho                      Boumouledem           Senegal

‘           ‘                                   Tambacounda Express   ‘      ‘

‘           ‘                                   Kaira                           ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                   Kemeburuma             ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                                   Korafo                         ‘           ‘


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