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AWIL 124 - Eliane Correa

 Eliane Correa and Manuela Panizzo on this A World In London! Click:  

A tornado of energy, passion, and infinite talent breezed into AWIL this week in the form of Eliane Correa! Pianist, composer, and musical director of numerous outstanding projects, Eliane has an enquiring and restless mind that challenges the status quo and seeks out the truth. She champions the unrepresented and digs out the undiscovered, surging the treasure found deep within Afro-Cuban roots and rhythms through her compositions. Piano may be her primary instrument given that she was drawn to it as a toddler, but equally remarkable is her sultry voice with raw gypsy power. For this session at AWIL, we had two Latin hearts in vocal harmony – Italian & Spanish – beating as one, as Manuela Panizzo joined Eliane in the studio. Their voices will pair again this Saturday at Rich Mix for La Linea Festival 2017, adding to a perfect line up that includes The London Lucumi Choir. Together they’ll also premiere a new single – ‘Love In the Ashes’ – raising much needed funds for domestic violence charities. Although she thrives in every setting, choirs make sense as Eliane naturally gravitates towards big collaborations, matching the enormity of her own talent and vision; thirty-one musicians from Havana feature on her album, ‘Rumba Con Flores’. When asked ‘’where is home?’’, Eliane  replies ‘’neither London nor Havana’’ because she is a citizen of the world. For an artist of world-class calibre and infinite capability like Eliane, perhaps even the world is not enough! See her on April 29th at Rich Mix London! #EnElAire #Wara

 ARTIST                                             TRACK                COUNTRY

Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers  Hiten Ryu II         Japan

Oysland                                              Nifty’s Freylekh  UK/Slovakia/Germany/Greece

Eliane Correa                                     Rumba Con Flores     Cuba/UK

Eliane Correa & Manuela Panizzo    Cáscaras                   Cuba/Italy/UK

‘                                               ‘            Wemilere                  ‘                       ‘

Eliane Correa + Osain del Monte       Wemilere                  ‘                       ‘

26/4/17 – AWIL at Res 124  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris & Norman Druker. Sketches by Alban Low. Also this week, new global albums at SOAS Radio! Next week Dashni Morad @ Resonance & non-stop music at SOAS. HAPPY FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY RESONANCE FM!!!!!!!

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