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AWIL/CC 88 - Bafula & Don Kipper

 What happens when two of London’s most prominent global music bands come together for a chinwag?? Klezmatic balkaneers Don Kipper and Mandinka funkstars Bafula  have a lot in common. Both groups were formed in our cosmo capital recently. Their members come from a diverse range of international backgrounds and their musical perspective is borderless. Bafula and Don Kipper will be performing at the Southbank Centre on July 22nd for Cultural Cooperation’s next shindig.  We live in a new post- EU Referendum world. Don’t imagine the conversation. Hear it right here on THIS A World In London! Click to listen:


  ARTIST                        TRACK                         COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV               Egypt/UK

Lambrego                   Chiero De Saudade    UK/Brasil

Branco Stoysin            Exodus                        UK/Serbia

Bafula                         Califot                         UK/Gambia

‘           ‘                       Commitment              ‘           ‘

Don Kipper                 Duj Duj Kolo               UK/Greece/Serbia

Bafula                         Ebola 

Don Kipper/Esma Redzepova  Nahtareja 110 Danljan                 


6/7/16 – AWIL/CC 88  Online:

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