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AWIL 123 - Oysland

 New-generation guardians of eastern Europe’s Klezmer soul – Oysland - return to A World In London! Click:  

When Oysland debuted on AWIL last October we knew great expectations about their second album were justified! That album - Vundervelt – is now ready for launch at Jamboree on April 29th and Oysland gave us an exclusive preview of it on this show! Vundervelt was swiftly recorded over an intense weekend in a Walthamstow ‘shed’, under the watchful & precise ears of London Klezmer Quartet’s Rupert Gillett. One of the best producers in our midst, Rupert recorded the entire 7-piece group playing together without separate takes or overdubs. Hence, Oysland’s skillful delivery of Yiddish folk & wedding dance has been retained along with the vibrant ‘live feel’ of their concerts.  On a London scene brimming with superlative klezmatic bands, Vundervelt brightly reflects Oysland’s passion & perfection raising the bar to a new level of excellence! Buy here

 ARTIST                                TRACK                                                COUNTRY

Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers  Chikyu      Japan

Afrikan Boy  Life In the West                                UK/Nigeria

Chico Chica    Falling Falling                                   UK

Oysland          Makedonsko Devojce                        UK/Slovakia/Germany/Greece

‘           ‘           S'iz Nito Keyn Nekhtn                       ‘                                   ‘

‘           ‘           Bulgars                                   ‘                                   ‘

‘           ‘           Ederlezi Avela                                    ‘                                   ‘

‘           ‘           Honga/Behusher Khosid/Khosidls    ‘                       ‘

19/4/17 – AWIL at Res 123  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris. Also this week, new global albums at SOAS Radio! Next week Eliane Correa @ Resonance before her La Linea fest concert & non-stop music at SOAS.

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