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Axing of specialist music shows on the BBC

Axing of specialist music shows on the BBC

The BBC are proposing to cut ‘specialist music’ shows from Local Radio stations. ‘Folkwaves’ in Derby is one of them, and so is ‘A World In London’ which I have presented for the last four years.

Both programmes have excellent listening figures and have been established for more than fifteen years. Campaigning groups have been set up to prevent our airwaves becoming clogged up with chat shows.

Please see the information set out here to find out what you can do.

Get in touch with the AWIL team on Facebook:

and a blog for those who do not have Facebook

and also

Sign up to the Folkwaves facebook group:

Can you please pass the message on to as many contacts as possible.

We are also requesting that people write into the BBC
and have set up a dedicated email address: