Balabams 1st Year Anniversary Party
15th December 2018
6:00 pm
Balabam 58-60 High Road, Tottenham, N15 6JU London, United Kingdom
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Its already a Year since we first open our doors and we are very exited that we are continuing to support and be a place for Musicians to share and express them self .
So we decided to Celebrate our 1st Birthday with a massive party and how else but with Live music and Dj’s sets and with you People who have been a support for Balabam this Year !!
So we like to thank you , and dance with you and have a great time!!

We have an amazing line up for you :

Colomboloco :
Colomboloco shows blend dynamic and eclectic folk Mediterranean beats from across Southern Europe with Tarantella, Classical Opera, as well as Greek, Spanish and Turkish traditional music in an epic journey around the globe worthy of Colombus himself.
The band’s musicians hail from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey, performing in South Italian dialect, Italian, Spanish and also in English, French, Hebrew and Russian.

Kasai Masai
First class exponents of soukous dance music from the Congo Basin KASAI MASAI consist of guitar, saxophone, bass, djembe and drums. The 5 piece fuse their own fast-paced style of soukous and rumba with Congolese folkloric traditions creating an infectious brand of dance music with a distinctive urban edge. With lyrics, written in Swahili, Lingala and Kimongo KASAI MASAI portray the cultural diversity of Congo where over four hundred languages are spoken.

An established international band KASAI MASAI have performed at festivals including Womad (UK), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), Oman World Music Festival and World Music Festival LX’09 (Portugal) to name a few.


Traditional songs and dances from Salento – Southern Italy
Formed in London, UK in 2011 by a group of passionate expats from the Salento, Amaraterra has grown into a multi-national ensemble, presenting its audience with a joyful and energetic selection of pizzica and roots music from all over the south of Italy, and adapting its style of music to the vibrant and cosmopolitan world music scene without weakening the links to its traditional musical canon.

Amaraterra’s songs and dances speak of love, happiness, longing and passion in a simple, energetic way that gets its core message through the linguistic barrier by sheer force of rhythm: Embrace life with pure joy and abandon yourself to the dance that heals!

Online tickets £10
On the Door : £13