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Gig reviews 13/02/2018

Tony Allen at Village Underground by Sophie Darling 9/2/18

Tootard at Rich Mix by Sophie Darling 1/2/18

BaBaZula at Nell's Jazz n Blues by Sophie Darling 29/1/18

Vieux Farka Toure at Nell's Jazz n Blues by Sophie Darling 15/1/18

Ife at WOMAD by Sophie Darling

Baloji at Islington Assembly Hall by Sophie Darling

PunjabTronix at Horniman Museum, by Norman Druker

BaBaZula at Under the Bridge, by Sophie Darling

Let Drum Beat ++ at Sofar Sounds, by Sophie Darling

Farhai & The Forest Dawn & Kihaya Blues at Rich Mix, by Sophie Darling

Songhoy Blues at Omeara by Sophie Darling

Ata Kak & Esa at Jazz Cafe by Sophie Darling

Kadialy Kouyate at Sands Films by Sophie Darling

Afriqoui at Mangle by Sophie Darling

The Yamato Drummers of Japan at Peacock Theatre by Norman Druker

Namlo at Rich Mix by Sophie Darling

Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra by Sophie Darling

Bucky Leo by Sophie Darling

Baluji Shrivastav at Rich Mix by Norman Druker

Mother Africa by Sofia Gaetani Morris

Gilberto Gil & Caetano Veloso by Althea Sully Cole

Otava Yo by Sofia Gaetani-Morris

Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal by Sophie Shackleton

Rokia Traore by Althea Sully Cole

Vieux Farka Toure by Althea Sully Cole

Trio Da Kali by Sofia Gaetani-Morris

Miguel Poveda by Luna Silva

Clara Sanabras by Luna Silva

Rich Rainlore at Sanpshots by Liz Liew

Rich Rainlore at Terryazoome

Rich Rainlore/Alban Low at Jan Ponsford

Rich Rainlore/Alban Low at Arhai

Luna Silva at Rokia Traore

Luna Silva at Mariza

Luna Silva at Harare

Luna Silva with Los Desterrados

Rainlore at State of Undress!

Luna Silva hears Concha Buika!

Ritu visits The Perunika Trio!

 Luna Silva checks out Sadler's Wells Flamenco Fest!

DJ Ritu at Reel Iraq!

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A World In London! 08/01/2017 (click here to view full story)
DJ Ritu's Luv Asia Radio Chart 18/03/2013

 What's in this week's Luv Asia Top Ten??

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Metro Podcast of the Week! 09/01/2012

Metro 'podcast of the week'!!

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AWIL 25 online & at Itunes! 21/12/2011


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