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Worries Fold Up Their Wings with The Gillies on this A World in London!

Acoustic Americana duo, The Gillies, nipped over to our studio en route to their gig in Blackheath, which by all accounts went rather well. It’s a sure bet that the audience down the road from us were equally impressed by what this amazing husband and wife team can do with a pair of guitars and Susan’s warm & unique voice. When you hear it, together with some beautiful finger-picking harmonies, your cares float away and the world seems just that little bit brighter. Behind the effortless, easy-listening sound conjured up by Susan & Gilly, there’s actually much hard work that goes into their songs. Their self-perception is still of themselves as art students and not professional musicians, so they strive, texture, multi-layer, and keep returning to each piece of work until it’s coloured and crafted exactly to sound carefree and ‘natural’. There’s a refreshing honesty and unpretentious approach to everything that they do, and this, plus the special chemistry only romantic couples share on stage is infused into their music-making with clever wordplay and harmonies of the sweetest kind. A third album is being processed by Gillies right now and it’ll be dedicated to London, their adopted home after Norfolk, but meanwhile find their excellent other CDs on Back Porch Recordings now – ‘Worries Fold Up Their Wings’ and ‘No Hiding Place’.

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