Gaudi & Danny Ladwa – AWIL 195 @ ResonanceFM

Lessons in Dub with GAUDI & Danny Ladwa on this A World in London!

After our scintillating live session with GAUDI, I asked him off-air how he manages to fit so much into his crazy schedule, which this month includes gigs in Panama and India, plus laying down a new album with On-U Sound’s Adrian Sherwood. ‘‘You see Ritu, I eat music, I sweat music’’. Well that was apparent in the blistering bass-fuelled treat orchestrated by GAUDI and Danny Ladwa on this AWIL that had us all buzzing! The guys first met 13 years ago and are evenly matched in their skills, energy, and compelling love for music-making, deep dubby vibes, and melodic vocal infusions. Danny has a majestic voice that can ride any riddim, pitch perfect, spot on. Gaudi is a classically trained musician, composer, and a qualified dentist (?!) though he swapped drills for synths years ago. As his latest set of albums illustrate, he’s a serial collaborator, often with producer peers – ‘Epic Circuits’ was made with French production house Deep Forest, of ‘Sweet Lullaby’ fame,  whilst ‘Astronaut Alchemists’ was put together with Killing Joke legend, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover. On the surface, Gaudi is laid back and cuddly, but behind the facade is an artist who is highly accomplished, thoughtful, and dedicated to his craft, and who commands the respect of the esteemed producer fraternity. So how did this ‘boy from Bologna’ (not Brixton) fall in love with Reggae and become the Wizard of Dub? Find out on this AWIL, and, see Gaudi on stage at The Scala in London on Feb 28th!

Listen Again


  • Joji Hirota – Akita -Japan/UK
  • Rad Orchestra – Excuse Me While I Grin-UK              
  • Amaraterra – Tarantella Calabrese – Italy/UK/Greece/France
  • Gaudi & Danny Ladwa – Life – UK/Italy/India
  • Gaudi & Danny Ladwa –Sufani – UK/Italy/India
  • Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Bethe Bethe..-
  • Gaudi & Deep Forest – Interstellar – UK/Italy/France
  • Gaudi & Danny Ladwa – Take It Easy – UK/Italy/India

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