Amaraterra – AWIL 193 @ ResonanceFM

Amaraterra on AWIL

An Italian feast of music by Amaraterra on this A World in London!

The unique representation and bespoke delivery of the music of Southern Italy makes Amaraterra one of the hottest bands in Londontown! These masters of mood change boast a repertoire that compels dance with their uptempo pizzicas & tarantellas, yet can move you to tears with soul-searching songs about love lost & longing. Amaraterra’s versatility is reflected in their multi-national lineup, and although the core of the band is Pugliese in spirit it also has Greek, French, and English characters. ‘’We play diaspora music’’ says Alfredo Giani, one of the founding members, pointing to the history of Italian migration across the world over a century, which stems from economic hardship, still topical today. On this AWIL, it was a joy to see Alfredo and Antonio Fersini locked together lovingly with their guitars, like two boys in an Italian piazza concocting harmony and melody with glee. Over the top of the plucking and strumming was the grandest, most expressive voice imaginable, coming from former opera singer Mark Glanville, who modestly describes himself as the number two vocalist in Amaraterra, after Frederico Tommasi. Later, on the way to London Bridge station, he told me about the importance of ‘acting with the voice’, and as you’ll hear on this show, it’s what he does with perfection, jumpstarting from being a witty, affable interviewee to tugging every heartstring when singing. ‘’Whatever we do, we always give it our all’’ says Mark and he’s absolutely spot on about Amaraterra!!! Further feasts laid on by Amaraterra include gigs at Jamboree Pop-up on January 24th, and Balabam on February 9th, but the biggest spread of all will be their debut album in Spring!

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