New Year Global Music – AWIL 283 @ SOAS

Chinese Love Songs

New Year Global Music on this A World in London!

Norman Druker & DJ Ritu peruse the best new global music offerings for 2019, including CDs by Dub Colossus, Kel Assouf, and Zaz! Plus there’s the essential Goin’ Global Gigs Guide to Londontown!

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  • Joji Hirota-Akita-Japan/UK
  • The Sages-Anticipating Dawn-China/Ireland/Czech
  • Howard Blake    -The
    Snowman Sountrack-UK
  • Dub Colossus-Dr. Strangedub-UK/Ethiopia          
  • Shuva Das-The Core-UK/india
  • Kel Assouf-Tenere-Niger
  • Heart of the Dragon Ensemble-Crossing Lake
    Dongling -China
  • The Savage Rose-Homeless-Denmark
  • Dissidenten & Mohamed Mounir-Ali
  • Kinnaris Quintet-Gortavale Rock-Scotland
  • Bablu Nain-Bondhu Premiker Kandari-India
  • Zaz-Demain C’est-France
  • Ali Hassan Kuban-Sukra Sukra Sukra-Egypt
  • Ustad Saami-God Is-Pakistan

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